What is your RPI first?

Let’s work together to remember the transformational people, moments, and achievements that make RPI such a special place.

As we celebrate 200 years, share your RPI Firsts with everyone in the RPI community. What are you most proud of? How did you change at RPI? Is there a moment you’ll never forget? Tell your story and preserve the RPI experience for generations to come.

Tell your story
My first ice hockey game. Bob Bedard Inspiring RPI Professor Mark Little RPI: A Place of Transformation & Discovery MD TARIFUL ISLAM First Ballroom Dance Bram van Heuveln Two firsts, one for my wife, one for me Steve Platt Two Firsts...Thirty Years Apart Kevin Fletcher First Football Game at RPI Jennifer Canfield and Lauren Maher First Winter Carnival Cameron McLean When I First Knew I Was Coming to RPI Victory Abraham First Time Eating Quantum Freeze Ice Cream Rachel Hetzler First Time Watching Men's Lacrosse at ECAV Graham Knowles Tell my story The Persistent First Memories of RPI David Stuart Halwig First friend at RPI! Pragati Pant Daughter and father practice together Ron Moy Choosing RPI Herbert K Schneider First Official Recognition as a Writer Vixey Foxwish Douglas First Graduate Degree Omar Elshafee RPI: More Than a School, a Lifelong Family Trishala Chaudhary Alma Mater Azita Hirsa Amazing American Adventure Willem Gijsels